Art Laboratory Berlin announces the pre-opening of our gallery at Prinzenallee 34

Friday 23 February, 2007
from 7PM

and at 9PM a screening of

The Patriarch's Watchful Eye

A documentary film
by Nicola Hochkeppel
2004, 62 min


A 1960's and 70's West German vacation idyll. The Hubert J. Wagner family of Cologne – all nine of then – trapped between the „simple life“ romanticism of camping and the educated middle-class ideal of classics-based scholarship. Tax consultant Wagner, the arch-catholic clan patriarch, suffers no amendments to his meticulous plans for the rigorous summer pilgrimages. Using the family's home-movie footage (1965 – 1975), the documentary film LEARNING BY CAMPING also chronicles a chapter of German social history during the heyday of the flourishing welfare state.

The filmmaker will be present at the screening.

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